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Data isn’t just driving the future of the automotive industry. It’s the now. Connected and self-driving vehicles are disrupting traditional industry models, creating new and innovative partnership opportunities between automotive manufacturers (OEMs), auto insurance providers and financial institutions.

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Acxiom’s latest eBook, Connected and Self-Driving Vehicles Spark Industry Convergence, examines how consumers are responding to the data-driven automobile trend – and what you should do to maintain their trust.
  • Explore the five key trends powered by consumers demanding more from – and sharing more with – automotive, insurance and financial services
  • Review the findings of a J.D. Power and Acxiom joint study that reveals exactly what consumers want from connected vehicles and in-vehicle services
  • Receive the six recommendations from Acxiom that will help you shift your company’s strategy into overdrive
Grab the wheel, hit the gas and download our Connected and Self-Driving Vehicles Spark Industry Convergence eBook NOW.