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Optimize Your Marketing With A Unified Data Layer
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With access to over 6,000 martech and adtech options, marketers have more tech solutions than ever at their disposal. But to fully leverage their power, it’s crucial to have the right unified data foundation in place. 

Find out best practices for executing a unified customer data strategy from leaders at Winterberry Group, Pandora and Acxiom. The webinar includes:

  • An overview of the marketing technology landscape for data management 
  • A look at critical requirements for today’s modern, omnichannel enterprise-grade customer data environments 
  • How to optimize marketing with unified data foundation that connects adtech/martech systems at the data layer

  • Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Director, Winterberry
  • Mark Pilipczuk, VP, Marketing Analytics and Operations, Pandora
  • Chris Lanaux, CTO, Acxiom Marketing Solutions

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