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Data Enhancement and the Evolution of Marketing Data Platforms
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While digital transformation and marketing technology continue to evolve, the continued focus for brands is on the customer experience. Since consumers are in the driver seat, it’s imperative for brand marketers to deliver personalized, relevant experiences on the right channels. Actionable insights from rich customer data is the key to efficiently find, acquire and retain your most valuable customers.

To achieve these goals, brands need to get three things right:
  • Unified customer data, enhanced to deliver the right insights
  • A scalable data platform, designed to leverage data growth
  • Sound data management fundamentals, including data quality and identity

This webinar covers:
  • The difference between a DMP (data management platform) and a CDP (customer data platform), and key use cases they enable
  • The role of DMPs in the transition to a cookie-less world
  • The value of data quality, identity and data enhancement in personalization

Watch CMSWire and long-time marketing strategists from Acxiom and Arm Treasure Data share their perspectives on the future of data management platforms and effective personalization.
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