Unlock revenue growth by connecting everything at the data layer
Previously Recorded: June 21, 2017
Length: 1 hour

To achieve greater reach, revenue and return, we need to create great customer experiences. Relevant experiences increase acquisition, strengthen customer engagement, reduce churn and maximize lifetime value. This all contributes to the bottom line.

However, your ability to deliver and measure customer experiences across digital and offline touchpoints is a significant challenge because of channel and data fragmentation.

The key to seamless customer experiences is uniting marketing at the data layer, and you need help from a specialist that can connect all channels – digital and offline – to deliver insanely great, omnichannel customer experiences.

Learn how Omnichannel Integrators:
  • Power your ability to deliver consistently great customer experiences and drive business outcomes
  • Play a new role to finally unite the entire marketing landscape around a complete view of the customer
  • Rely on specialized expertise, beyond that of typical systems integrators, to overcome marketing channel fragmentation

  • Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Director at Winterberry Group
  • Scott Brinker, Editor at chiefmartec.com
  • David Raab, Founder at CDP Institute
  • Dennis Self, President and GM at Acxiom Marketing Services