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Help your organization save millions of dollars on consumer fraud – download the free Acxiom eBook now!
Some call it “risk mitigation.” We call it “The $400 Billion Dollar Problem.” That’s how much it costs financial services, insurance and healthcare organizations to prevent and combat fraud every year. Today, verifying consumer identity is critical to a healthy bottom line.

Risk Mitigation in a World of Sophisticated Consumer Fraud, the latest eBook from Acxiom, explores the challenges and solutions your organization’s risk management program must address right now.

  • Learn the best practices that vigilant companies use to authenticate and verify identity to mitigate risk
  • Discover ways to ease “regulatory fatigue,” a condition that 70% of organizations believe will only get worse
  • Identify the fastest growing threat to organizations like yours – Synthetic Fraud

Even as you’re reading this, somebody is stealing identities and making your organization pay. Download our free eBook today, and let’s stop fraud in its tracks.

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