The time for identity resolution has come. Are you ready?
So much of what modern marketing demands is contingent on the ability to connect multiple sources of identity and customer information. Identity resolution can help B2C marketers span every interaction and provide a broad view of the customer.

This new report from Forrester helps marketers:
  • See how identity resolution creates the strategic foundation for cross-channel marketing.
  • Understand that a comprehensive process and applications for identity resolution are required.
  • Recognize that implementing an identity resolution strategy requires planning, development, and the management of an ongoing process that incorporates data collection, integration, and distribution for various marketing applications.

“The ability to accurately identity customers is the most basic prerequisite for marketing analytics, orchestration, and execution. And it’s becoming more critical than ever for firms planning to link systems of insight and engagement to foster seamless and relevant cross-channel customer experiences.”
Joe Stanhope, Forrester VP & Principal Analyst