Connected Spaces: Integrated Marketing for Seamless Customer Experiences

Using data technology to connect brands with real people across digital & physical spaces
Destinations, venues, terminals, and malls now recognize that they are more than physical spaces — today they aim to enrich consumer experiences.

But how can brands unlock this potential — aligning digital and physical spaces for truly integrated, multichannel experiences?

Connected Spaces is a combination of technology and data that enables you to better identify, understand and engage with customers across all touchpoints.

This eBook outlines how brands can use Connected Spaces to:
  • Deliver a brilliant customer experience in real time
  • Provide a frictionless service across digital and physical locations
  • Enhance your ability to identify customers and prospects across touchpoints
  • Use Adobe Experience Cloud technologies to turn data into actionable insights
  • Achieve a genuine single customer view and enhanced retail customer journey
Acxiom | Connected Spaces
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