Data Privacy: What the Consumer Really Thinks

Discover What Consumers Really Think About Data Privacy
As marketers, we understand the important role data plays in providing relevant messaging to consumers. But what do consumers really think when it comes to their data? This DMA report, created in partnership with Acxiom, uncovers attitudes towards data privacy in the United States.

Data Privacy: What the Consumer Really Thinks, explores the views of consumers towards data collection, the data economy and more during the key period in the run-up to GDPR.
  • Discover how transparency could be the key to further increasing trust in how data is collected and used
  • Learn how different generations feel about data — and how you can manage their expectations accordingly
  • Determine consumers’ understanding of the importance of data to the modern economy 

Download this insightful report to obtain a clearer understanding of how consumers attitudes are evolving in the digital age.