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How to Align Channel and Data Silos to Increase ROI
The CMO’s job is getting more complex in business today. Beyond delivering revenue, customer relationship management, the managing of consumer data and understanding consumer behaviour, you have to be able to prove ROI on every channel and tactic that helps you achieve those goals too.

When your marketing ecosystem is fractured, that’s almost impossible. In this eBook, Acxiom explains:
  • Why unifying your data with an Omnichannel Integrator – to create a Unified Data Layer – is the solution for true marketing intelligence.
  • Why integration needs to be implemented at the data layer, for true clarity.
  • How CMOs are unifying their marketing data to unlock massive revenue growth.
  • How to join offline and online data to deliver a consistent multichannel consumer experience.
  • How to maximise value from your existing MarTech and AdTech.
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