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A look at the disruption of traditional Financial Services providers
Digital transformation has promised to disrupt Financial Services for years, yet traditional Financial Services providers still remain and some grow even stronger. Despite this, these incumbent providers must adapt to grow and survive. With the advent of Fintech providers in the market, there is a new era of competition. Fintech products and services are creating significant pressure for traditional Financial Services providers as Fintechs enter the market with a focus on innovation.

Future of Fintech: Keys to Success in the New World of Financial Services, provides you with a fresh perspective on the Fintech marketplace – key product developments, consumer trends and expectations, and a clear view into the future.

It explores the essential factors to maintaining success:
  • Discover how understanding the value of data helps Fintechs out-manoeuvre the incumbents
  • Learn how creating new capabilities through the application of analytics is critical to success
  • Understand how successful Fintechs create the ability to target prospective customers across channels, create more personalized communications and effectively measure their marketing performance so they can optimize their marketing spend
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