Four Fundamentals of Data-Driven Customer Experience

Overcome the obstacles to data-driven customer experience success.

As marketing technologies, channels and data sources have expanded, delivering a relevant, consistent and scalable customer experience has become increasingly complex. There is a gap between what marketing leaders know their customer experience should be – and what it really is.

Yet these issues can be resolved with a data-driven approach to people-based marketing.

This guide explores the four fundamentals of the Data-Driven Customer Experience marketers need to know to successfully tie their data back to real people.

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  • Understand how to use data to make the customer experience relevant, consistent and scalable.
  • Overcome the obstacles to customer experience success.
  • Learn to recognise customers & prospects across all channels with Omnichannel identity resolution.
  • Understand how to activate data in the new data economy.
  • Connect data silos with an open approach to the single customer view.
  • Understand data connectivity and learn how to connect online digital data and offline CRM data
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