Acxiom Data Quality Best Practice Guide

Big Data’s Dirty Problem: Are You Using Data Incorrectly?

Data quality is the foundation of successful marketing programmes. But are you using quality data? 83% of marketers say they’re still struggling to create a single customer view, largely due to the poor quality of their data.

After all, data only makes you smarter if it’s accurate.

Clearly, while we may think we’re using data to become smarter, savvier marketers, many of us are still using it incorrectly.

This eBook outlines why – despite your best efforts – you may be using poor quality data, and explores how to ensure data quality for more accurate insight.

Download to find out:
  • How to assess the accuracy and validity of your own data quality
  • What ROI you could achieve with clean data
  • How your data’s quality compares to your competitors’ or others in your industry
  • How data quality goes bad – and what to do about it
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